Cutler College Counseling, LLC aims to ease the stress and ambiguity of the college search and admission process by guiding students and their families through all aspects their search, from high school class selection, visiting colleges, preparing for interviews, and writing essays. My years of professional and personal experience, plus continued learning and research of colleges and the industry, allow me to advise students and parents in developing a list of best-fit colleges so the student will not only get in but will be able to stay in and be successful. I team with the student and parents to best highlight the student's successes, talents, and potential to ultimately find a great match academically, socially, and financially while ensuring the application process is a smooth and stress-free as possible.

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A Personalized Approach to Your College Search

It is important that any college counselor or educational consultant you work with be a "student of colleges" - that they have done and continue to do their research, visit colleges, and participate in professional development to be able to provide you with the most up to date knowledge and insight to find the best match for your educational goals. I tailor my college search curriculum to meet each student's and family's needs and goals based on the research I have done as well as from the personal and professional experience I have gained. My goal is to reduce your anxiety as you embark on this milestone. I seek to help each student find the best fit college where they will get in and stay in to pursue their academic goals.

Finding the Best Fit!

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The college search process can be daunting and overwhelming to students and their families. Let me take the stress out of the process with my extensive experience in college admissions and advising. I work with students and families to help them discover the characteristics that are important to each individual student in a "best fit" college - academically, socially, and financially. Beginning as early as the 9th grade, I will advise you on curriculum choices, activity involvement, and summer enrichment, if desired. Through student personality surveys and interest assessments, evaluating strengths, areas for development, and values important to you, we will work together to find colleges that will support and enhance your educational aspirations. Based on our work together, I will cultivate a list of best fit colleges, develop a timeline and action plan for school research and visits, standardized testing, and interview preparation, and work with you to help you tell your story through your application materials and personal statement. And our work doesn't end there. I will support the student and family through the college selection process, evaluating financial aid packages, and offering advice and support from former students and families to help my clients through this milestone transition